WWE Superstar Helps Fan Fight Back the Tears!

WWE Superstar Helps Fan Fight Back the Tears!

WWE Superstar won’t let his loss in the Elimination Chamber defeat his positive attitude. John Cena, who was eliminated by Bray Wyatt didn’t let this loss deter him from having inspiring words for a young fan.

WWE Superstar Helps Fan Fight Back the Tears!

While leaving the PPV event, Cena ran into a young fan and her mother. The mother said “Tonight, I witnessed pure heartbreak in my daughter’s eyes when she watched John Cena lose at The Elimination Chamber. Tears were rolling down her cheeks. She was so disappointed, and all she could manage to say was ‘No.’” However it would appear the young fan was more heart broken than Cena himself. Cena, posed with the young girl and said ‘It’s ok. Sometimes we don’t win. But that just shows me that I gotta keep fighting. I will get a rematch. You remember that, ok? Never give up. Never lose hope. Keep fighting.’

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“Never Give Up” is something Cena is very passionate about, not just for himself but for his fans. Cena holds the record for granting the most Make a Wish wishes to date, granting over 500 wishes. He stands against bullying promoting “Rise above Hate” and “Be a Star.” We highly doubt that Cena will ever turn heel and we wouldn’t want to. Fans are hoping that Cena gets another shot at the WWE Championship and it would be a great power move to have him and Bayley be the title holders and represent the WWE brand.

WWE Superstar Helps Fan Fight Back the Tears!

Bayley defeated Charlotte for the title on Monday Night Raw and is full of hugs! New to Monday Night Raw Bayley has become a fan favorite quickly. Offering her free hugs Bayley is the type of girl who will shake hands and hug her friend even if they are competing for the same title.

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