“WrestleMania” Surprise: John Cena Does What?!

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WWE royalty, John Cena and Nikki Bella are engaged!

It all went down last night at WrestleMania 33. Pouring his heart out on bended knee, Cena confessed a little secret. He has been waiting to ask his favorite Bella sister this question for a quite some time.

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Cena’s revelation comes as a surprise to fans as the wrestler turned Hollywood star has adamantly stated that he was completely against getting married again.

"WrestleMania" Surprise: John Cena Does What?!

Such a bold and consistent proclamation has many wondering if this is a huge prank on the grandest stage of the American professional wrestling year. After all, a faux proposal would not be abnormal in the history of WWE stunts. See Triple H and Stephanie McMahons’ fake marriage circa 1999.

"WrestleMania" Surprise: John Cena Does What?!

WWE is known for its outlandish story lines and plot twists, especially on its high holy day. However, we think this is real. Team Jikki would not play us like that especially since Bella’s desire to marry and have children vs. Cena’s demand for single non-parenthood has been a sensative topic almost causing the fine duo to break up during a previous season of the WWE based reality series, ‘Total Divas’. That is why Cena popping the questions using Bella’s government name, Stephanie Nicole Garcia-Colace, rings authentic. Also, the light saber John placed on Bella’s finger looks mighty nice and exceptionally real even if the smirk on her face during the entire ordeal did not. Maybe we need more info.

When all else fails, check the source. WWE made an official announcement on their website stating that Cena and Bella are now engaged. Nikki’s twin, former tag-team buddy and forever partner in crime, Brianna Danielson posted a congratulations pic on Instagram. Yet all was quiet on John Cena and Nikki Bella’s pages. We assume they are celebrating away from social media. Some things are personal like that.

"WrestleMania" Surprise: John Cena Does What?!

We accept this one as a yes.

Therefore, congratulations are in order! We love these two. Here’s to wishing the happy couple nothing but the best with their nuptials!

There is only one annoying question left at this point. Will there be babies?!!!

Written by Nat P.

To Love Is To Live~ Nat






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