Will Jill Duggar Give Birth Before Saturday?!

Will Jill Duggar Give Birth Before Saturday?!

Another Duggar baby is about to be born.  We have been receiving updates about it for the last several months. Jill and her hubby, Derick Dillard are anxiously awaiting the arrival of their 2nd child and the fans are ecstatic.  Some have even begun a guessing game as to when mama Jill Duggar, also a celebrity, will go into labor and welcome her new bundle of joy to the family. Jill and Derick already know they are having another boy. The really exciting news, is that Jill could give birth at any time – perhaps even a 4th of July baby, being born when the fireworks go off – wouldn’t that be something?! If not today, Jill and Derick could be parents again tomorrow, or sometime later this week. Dire hard fans who watch “Counting On” every week also know that the baby is about to be born – it’s the 4th of July and Jill is about to pop!

Will Jill Duggar Give Birth Before Saturday?!

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Just a few days ago, Saturday, the 1st of this month, another photo that Jill took with her baby boy, “Israel” who is already 2 years old, was posted on her Instagram site to share with fans. Ok, so what’s the big deal?! Jill has been taking photos of her son and posting them on social media like, forever.  However, with this photo, shortly after it was posted, fans had quite a lot to say.  Many had very nice comments regarding the photo and commenting on how cute the little guy is.  Others only were interested in asking about the due date for her 2nd baby. Unfortunately, Jill never replied back, and why should she?!

💜 my little baby! He’s so affectionate. Can’t believe he is so big already! #2yearsold #israeldaviddillard

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We can all tell that she’s about to go into labor at any moment. It’s really not that unusual or (uncommon) for any reality star, let alone a Duggar, to reply back to posts, from their fans on Instagram or any other social media site – however, by not doing so, it only led to speculation and causing fans to believe that Jill may be in labor now or she had her baby boy a day or two ago. It’s called speculation and anticipation.

Will Jill Duggar Give Birth Before Saturday?!

During the month of June, both Jill and Derick had already revealed the name they chose for their 2nd baby, which was posted on Jill’s blog.  That name is “Samuel Scott” also a biblical name, and which the Duggar’s are famous for. In the blog post, Jill wrote that both she and Derick can hardly wait until their new son is born, and, they expect little Samuel to be welcomed into their family “very soon.” Now remember, when they posted that message, Jill was already into her 8th month and final term of her pregnancy, so when they say “very soon” that actually means their baby could be born at any minute!

The suspense is building! Who wants to take a guess?! Will Jill give birth tonight, tomorrow or later this week?!

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