Wilderness Based Reality Show Cancelled…Cast Remains in the Wild without Notice!

In something straight out of an early-Earth fantasy tale, the cast of British reality show ‘Eden’ was left in the wilderness for almost a year without official notification that their show had been cancelled! In the time that the show was discontinued, 13 out of the 23 participants quit after months of no contact with the outside world. There was reported infighting, “sexually jealousy”, near starvation and quite frankly those involved had become bored with it all. How did the conditions of this experiment become so extreme? Basically, the premise of ‘Eden’ was to introduce its cast to the Scottish wilderness area with no technology or communication with those outside the alotted film area, similar to early humanity – but not really. The cast was specifically selected based on their ability to eat off the land which included hunting for food, making their own rules and thrive without the amenities afforded to modern society.

Such sacrifice would have been worth it had there been a fully filmed television series at the end of this dark tunnel. Instead the remaining 10 participants returned back to a world where their country had exited the European Union and Donald Trump had become president of the United States. With no cell phones, television nor internet they had no idea that major changes had occurred around the world. It is important to note, that there was a camera crew on site with the cast. Apparently, they were left completely clueless about the show’s fate as well.

Wilderness Based Reality Show Cancelled...Cast Remains in the Wild without Notice!

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With the ‘Eden’ cast becoming craftier as each month went by, it is hard to believe the group went the entire time completely isolated from the world. Our suspicions may ring true. Reportedly, at least one of the cast members saw a local dentist after a bad reaction to the chicken feed the cast resorted to eating once running into trouble catching their own food. What a complete nightmare.

It is unclear if that particular cast member was one who left the show “early” or if said member returned to the fold to give the others information received while away from the set. No matter the case, it is safe to say that all involved should have been informed that ‘Eden’ would no longer air after the four episodes that were already shown. No further updates have come from the cast or film crew. We assume all involved are in shocked by the news. There is only a matter of time before someone speaks out about this atrocity. B4 has not released explanation of the incident. All that has been confirmed is that slacking ratings caused the station to truncate the reality show’s life span.

In the meantime, we are sure the returning cast members are once more enjoying all the luxuries of modern life. Good for them. They deserve it!

Written by Nat P.

To Love Is To Live~ Nat






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