Why Are Kris and Caitlyn Jenner Afraid of the Juice?!

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Why Are Kris and Caitlyn Jenner Afraid of the Juice?!

I believe many people connected to OJ Simpson are probably not too happy he and his raging temper are going to be released in October. In just a few months he will be free to roam the streets and unleash his pent up anger.

He may be the model prisoner right now, because he has no other choice, but most guys get out and that good behavior goes out the window faster than a slick ball of slime!

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They claim he took classes in prison to help him keep his rage and anger in check.
It’s not likely that he will come out of their behaving like a Boy Scout. This guy has an axe to grind with all the people who he thinks betrayed him.

Why Are Kris and Caitlyn Jenner Afraid of the Juice?!

Caitlyn and Kris are shaking in their underwear just thinking of what Simpson might have up his sleeve this time.

They are afraid he might harm them for things they’ve said or done during his trial for the murder of Nicole, his ex-wife and her friend, Ron Goldman. They both are convinced that OJ did the heinous crime and got away with it.

The Brown’s and Goldman’s
are besides themselves knowing that this thug, who murdered their children, may turn their lives upside down once again. They are afraid he might be planning to get some payback for painting him as a murderer to the public. He may have walked for murder, but the civil lawsuit found him guilty! He’s as guilty as a dog who just took a poop on your clean, white carpet!

He’s still in debt to the Goldman’s. That means he is still very much a part of the Goldman’s lives. To this day he’s been doing everything he can to avoid paying them the $33.5 million they were awarded in the wrongful death civil lawsuit.

Simpson is still the same arrogant, slick, lying guy he was before he got arrested in Vegas! This piece of work had the nerve to tell the parole board that he had never been accused of threatening anyone with a weapon! Really, OJ!?
He lied and the parole board let him skate.
Justice is blind, alright.

Why Are Kris and Caitlyn Jenner Afraid of the Juice?!

The guy who snitched him out came out of the woodwork like a sniveling rat to kiss OJ’s butt. He was one of the victims in the robbery that got OJ put away for nine years. Victim, Bruce Fromong, who should be upset with OJ for what he put him through during the robbery is trying to save himself from OJ’s wrath!

OJ’s former friend, Fromong said in a phone conversation to CNN that he was speaking on OJ’s behalf before the parole board. —Say what!? Here is his statement — “I never thought that the crime deserved that much time, that long of a sentence.”

I hope I’m wrong, but OJ is never going to change. Only an act of God—like a good slap on the head—might bring him to his knees. But I doubt he’ll be able to see the light anytime soon. Nine years in the slammer didn’t help.

So, my bit of advice people, is to lock your doors and windows and keep your eyes peeled. The old Prune Juice is loose! Oops, The Juice is out!

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