Who Are Judy and David Arnold? Get To Know The Star Of The Little Couple’s Parents.

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In the latest episodes of The Little Couple, Bill Klein’s family has been present quite a few times. On the premiere, we saw Bill angling with his brothers help with the aftermath of the Hurricane. We also spotted Bill’s stepmother as well as his dad while they were on a trip to the UK. However, on last week’s episode, Jen Arnold got to spend some quality time with her family.

The Arnold family is very close with one another. Jen’s parents, David and Judy Arnold, have been on many of the episodes from previous seasons. Judy and Bill are co-owners of “Rocky and Maggie’s,” the pet store named after the couple’s dogs. Judy’s Twitter bio reads, “Mom to Jen (of TLC’s The Little Couple) & Manager @ Rocky and Maggie’s!”









This week’s episode was about David, Jen’s brother’s birthday celebration. Will and Zoey, Bill and Jen’s two children helped bake a special cake for the birthday celebrant.

Jen’s parents were there for her during the tougher times too. Back when she was diagnosed with cancer in 2014, her struggles were highly publicized. And she made sure to shout out her parents when they were by her side during the intense treatment.

Judy and David have always been there to support their daughter through good times and bad. In 2014, Jen was diagnosed with cancer and Jen’s parents were there for her throughout her entire struggle with cancer. “My parents have been a great support during this challenging time!” said the grateful reality TV star. Thankfully, Jen has since made a full recovery.

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