What Finally Led Amber Portwood To Break Up With Fiancé Matt Baier?

What Finally Led Amber Portwood To Break Up With Fiancé Matt Baier?


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Rumor has it that Teen Mom OG’s Amber Portwood finally dumped Matt Baier!! Viewers of the show were disgusted as they’ve watched Matt say some pretty terrible things in the past few episodes. The break-up seems like it’s been a long time coming, as a lot of viewers have had suspicions about Matt’s true intentions since the beginning. We’ve seen the guy get caught up in countless lies and how Amber stayed with him so long is beyond comprehension for many of us. Viewers were initially concerned about the vast age difference but it was not long before that was the least of everyone’s worries. Many believe he targeted Amber and got with her for her money and some believe he lied about his past addiction struggles so that he could “relate” to Amber’s own past struggles with addiction. Then came the lies about how many children he fathered, how many child support cases were against him, how many of his children he abandoned, and multiple ex’s coming forward to give us a better idea on who the real Matt Baier is. A recent episode also showed Matt give co-star Catelynn Baltierra a Xanax, which made Amber question his “sobriety”. (Catelynn insists that she did not take the pill and kept it as evidence for Amber.) So, there’s a lot that could have caused the demise of the relationship but what was finally Amber’s breaking point?


Amber apparently confirmed the split on Instagram live but did not specifically reveal why she ended the relationship, though I can think of many valid reasons that she may have made this decision. A couple of months ago, rumors of infidelity began to swirl. Allegedly, Amber confronted Matt on the rumors and of course, he denied it, so she asked him to take a lie detector test. Apparently Matt did not do so well on the test and lied when answering some of the questions. At the time, reportedly they were in L.A. and Amber sent him home to get his stuff out of the house before she returned home. Even after all of this, there still seemed to be a little bit of hesitation on Amber’s part but the breaking point finally came as she was watching the show this season.

A few episodes back, Amber and Matt took a trip to Las Vegas and the things got awkward when Matt began pressuring Amber to marry him right on the spot and she rejected him. Ironically, later that day, MTV cameras captured Matt telling a producer that he would “never marry” Amber and referred to her as a “psycho.”, He proceeded to then walk back to the table where Amber was, sat down next to her and pretty much acted like nothing had just happened. Talk about shady! His excuse for talking trash was that Amber “embarrassed” him when she rejected him…because apparently talking shit on national TV about your fiancé doesn’t make yourself look bad. We can only hope that this break up lasts for good and that Amber does not allow him to worm his way back into her life!

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