Venus Williams Has Been Cleared In Fatal Car Crash By Law Enforcement

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Venus Williams Has Been Cleared In Fatal Car Crash By Law Enforcement

Thank God for street cameras, which just happened to capture very important evidence by video, proving that” Venus Williams,” the 7 time Grand Slam tennis champ did not cause the fatal accident that took the life a 78 year old man.

It’s NOT what you think! This is in no way related to any tennis tournament – it’s regarding a horrific collision that took place in late June.

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If you look carefully at the video, it clearly shows Venus, driving her “Toyota Sequoia” purchased back in 2010. Ms. Williams was slowly approaching that same exact intersection, at a speed of 5 mph, with a green light, giving her the all clear to go, she then paused for just a second or two, making sure it was OK before proceeding into the middle of the street.

All of a sudden, you can see the other car slam into Venus’s car pretty damn hard, in what they refer to as a “T-Bone” hit. A woman, by the name of “Linda Barson” was at the wheel driving a Hyundai, with her husband, who was 78 at the time.  Sadly “Jerome” didn’t make it.  He passed away at the hospital due to his extensive injuries. The police assumed that Serena was at fault.  That was before this new video proved that she did not cause the accident. At the time of the crash, and even before the video was viewed and released, law enforcement officers had stated that Serena was in fact “at fault for violating the right of way.”

Due to this brand new video, showing that Serena did nothing wrong, authorities from the local police department finally revealed a statement to the public, which stated that Ms. Williams was absolved of any wrong doing. They  also noted, “the vehicle driven by Venus Williams lawfully entered the intersection on a circular green traffic signal, and attempted to travel north through the intersection to “Ballenisles” Drive.” Officials who reviewed the video stated that another vehicle was at that same intersection when Venus approached, and was in front of her car – and was attempting to turn left, which then caused Venus to pause, slow down and stop, before proceeding into and through that same intersection so she could do her best to prevent any possibility of an accident. I saw the video footage last night on the news and the accident took place right after Venus began to proceed driving her car without any fault of her own – and completely legal.

A few days ago, Venus Williams was being interviewed after her 1st win at Wimbledon – and, during that press conference, as usual, many reporters were asking her so many questions – and, it was quite obvious that she was completely heartbroken and devastated that the accident caused a man’s death.

“There are really no words to describe how devastating and — I’m completely speechless,” as Venus stated, right before she broke down sobbing with tears flowing down, while she tried her best to compose herself. I have seen many tennis champs, both male and female being interviewed after a very emotional match and/or another tragedy – and let me tell you, it’s one of the worst things a player can deal with – just minutes after the match has ended.

Mrs. Barson, along with her family members, assuming Venus was responsible for her husband’s death, have already filed a lawsuit against the tennis champ, citing a “wrongful death” claim.  However, it is unknown at this time, if the family will rescind their lawsuit in light of this new evidence. Venus Williams has won 7 “Grand-Slam” tournaments throughout her career. She has never been involved in a situation like this in her life, but has suffered her own personal family tragedies.

We hope and pray that Mrs. Barson will understand that Venus Williams was not the cause of her husband’s death and will squash the pending lawsuit.

Written by Renee Barbee

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