Venus Williams Emotional Over Fatal Car Crash During Wimbledon Press Conference

Venus Williams Emotional Over Fatal Car Crash During Wimbledon Press Conference

OMG! How horrible for “Venus Williams” – she is terribly upset and very emotional about the recent car accident that she was involved in, which left her at a loss for words and speechless.  During a press conference Venus appeared completely devastated, while trying to explain what happened that fateful night.  While she was being interviewed, she kept crying and wiping her eyes.

Venus Williams Emotional Over Fatal Car Crash During Wimbledon Press Conference

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“I’m completely speechless,” stated Venus Williams, who has become the world’s famous “5-time Champion” at the annual Wimbledon tennis tourney, where she has won numerous awards. Venus tried her best to answer reporters’ questions, however, she became so visibly upset and shaken, and was so very clearly distraught over the loss of Mr. Barson.

“Before we take any further questions, please be aware she’s unable to say anything more about this,” stated an unknown man who spoke on Williams’s behalf and interrupted the press conference after realizing that Venus had to pause several times to regain her composure. “So we’d ask you to respect her wishes please.” And, as expected, Venus was forced to leave and walked out of the room where the press conference was being held, after it was clear that she could no longer talk and was constantly sobbing right after she left.

From what was stated in a report by the on line source, “TMZ” and which the authorities from the police department was able to receive – the documents prove that Venus was driving her car.   Then, while attempting to cross over the intersection, she was hit hard by what they refer to as a “T-bone” by another vehicle, in which Mr. Barson’s spouse was driving. Venus had told law enforcement that she was not speeding – – as a matter of fact, she was only driving at 5 mph. Jerome Barson was rushed to the hospital and was placed in the “ICU” (intensive care) unit after suffering a major head injury -which, sadly led to his death. Mr. Barson’s spouse, who was driving their car at the time of the accident, was said to have broken several bones, however, she did survive this terrible tragedy.

We have recently learned that a report from “CBS” news published an article on their site, stating that Mrs. Barson has hired a law firm, allowing one of their attorney’s to represent her in a lawsuit case, which has recently been filed against the famous tennis celebrity, Venus Williams, soon after the police department, which is located in Palm Beach Gardens, has allegedly reported, and which indicates that Venus is the person responsible for causing this accident causing the death of Mrs. Barson’s husband.


However, we must point out that “Malcolm Cunningham” who is now representing Venus Williams, as her attorney in this matter, has already given a clear statement which basically states that Ms. Williams, “entered the intersection on a green light” which made it clear for Venus to proceed through that exact same intersection where Mrs. Barson crashed into Venus’s car. “Authorities did not issue Ms. Williams with any citations or traffic violations. This is an unfortunate accident and Venus expresses her deepest condolences to the family who lost a loved one.”

We sincerely hope that Venus is cleared of any wrong doing in this case and we pray that Mrs. Barson heals from her injuries.

Written by Renee Barbee

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