“Vanderpump Rules” Kristen Doute—Naked Again…Old Habits Die Hard!!

“Vanderpump Rules” Kristen Doute—Naked Again...Old Habits Die Hard!!

Viewers have seen many different sides to “Vanderpump Rules” alum, Kristen Doute. Unfortunately, the side she continually returns to is thirsty. Kristen recently posted a topless picture of herself in the pool. Kudos to her for figuring out how to work around Instagram’s “no nipple policy”. Now if only her talents could be used for good. Instead, Kristen’s stunt has gotten the internet talking about her again, which let’s be real, is her end goal. Yes, I realize I am doing it as well by writing this article but you’re reading it too 😉

“Vanderpump Rules” Kristen Doute—Naked Again...Old Habits Die Hard!!

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I guess Kristen figures she needs to get the inter-webs talking about her since some of her co-stars have made headlines recently. For example: Tom and Katie, Jax and Brittany LaLa Kent, and even VPR HIBC, Lisa Vanderpump . With the crew filming the upcoming season, what is a girl to do? Kristen had to step it up a bit with her topless photo.

“Vanderpump Rules” Kristen Doute—Naked Again...Old Habits Die Hard!!

Guess she’s trying to rely on “sex sells”.

Written by Tilly Tinson

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