“Vanderpump Rules” Jax Taylor Criticizes Jill Duggar Regarding Hubby’s Transphobic Tweet!!

"Vanderpump Rules" Jax Taylor Criticizes Jill Duggar Regarding Hubby's Transphobic Tweet!

Uh-Oh! Someone seems a bit unhappy with Derick. “Jax Taylor” who stars in the show, “The Vanderpump Rules” posted a very nasty tweet against Jill – this took place due to her hubby’s post which, he himself tweeted regarding transgenders, in particularly, “Jazz Jennings” and, of course the tweet was very prejudice.

"Vanderpump Rules" Jax Taylor Criticizes Jill Duggar Regarding Hubby's Transphobic Tweet!

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In response to a tweet that Jill (Duggar) Dillard had sent out in 2014 – nearly three years ago – where she referred to Derick, her now hubby, who is 28 years old, this is what she said: “the most awesome guy in the world” along with showing everyone the ring that Dillard gave to Jill when they got engaged, and, then Jax, who is 38 years old replied with this derogatory comment, “Sweetie I wouldn’t brag about that speck of dust on your finger. You married a delusional piece of s–t.” Jax, who is also a celeb on “Bravo” went even further by suggesting that good ole boy, Derick is most likely and “probably hiding” the fact that he is gay himself – and, to make matters worse, Taylor included one nasty emoji showing two gay men, who appear to be holding each other’s hands. How disgusting!

Derick was blasted big time once his tweet, which said “Transgender’ is a myth” was seen by millions of Dillard’s fans this past Wednesday, the second of August – and, of course, it was also noted in a previous article from Wednesday of this week, replying to the promo, which was also seen on the TLC network for Jennings’s reality show TV series, “I Am Jazz” the phrase ‘Gender is not fluid; it’s ordained by God,” was also added, however, Derick’s fans and those who follow him on Twitter were very upset about it.

"Vanderpump Rules" Jax Taylor Criticizes Jill Duggar Regarding Hubby's Transphobic Tweet!

Dillard, as we all know is a huge celebrity on the Duggar’s reality TV show – and, along with his wife, Jill, who is at the very young age of 26, have two children together – their toddler Israel, who is now 2 years old, and of course, baby Samuel, who was born close to one month ago could not resist sending out another tweet after the fact saying: “I want to be clear. I have nothing against him. I only have issue with the words and definitions being propagated here.” In the land of the Duggar’s, fans hardly ever miss anything, which includes spotting and pointing out that Derick mistakenly had an incorrect pronoun when he was referring to Jax, who is only 16 years old, and prefers being referred to as a young lady.

"Vanderpump Rules" Jax Taylor Criticizes Jill Duggar Regarding Hubby's Transphobic Tweet!

As far as we know, Derick has chosen not to remove and trash that tweet, which caused him so much grief and stirred up a huge controversy. The following is a written statement that Dillard gave to “US Weekly,” from TLC, which said his comment “does not represent the views” of anyone affiliated with the TLC network.

Yikes! This entire tweet situation is getting worse by the day. Let’s hope it doesn’t escalate any further.

Written by: Renee Barbee

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