“Vanderpump Rules” Bridal Party Blow Up! Tears and Tequila

"Vanderpump Rules" Bridal Party Blow Up! Tears and Tequila

“Vanderpump Rules” Bridal Party Blow Up! Tears and Tequila

How does the cast of Vanderpump Rules pay for these elaborate trips? Are the tips that good at SUV and they just manage their money really well? No, Bravo is footing the bill; and while it may take away from the reality of working as a server it does give us great story lines. But that leads to the question, if everyone is on holidays who is working? Obviously there are most staff and the cast aren’t the main core staff, how else can they all take breaks at the exact same time?

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They are all going away for the bachelor/bachelorette parties so who is going to serve goat cheese balls? Until that is decided we will have just relish in the men in Lisas closet picking out their clothes. None were shy and all were really excited, but who wouldn’t be in that closet?

The cast has great bodies and is Jax to credit? You never see them at the gym but Jax has managed to sleep with half the cast. Is this the work out of the future? I know James would like to step into that role. The man child who gets drunk, fat shames and isn’t even overly attractive has managed to sleep his way through hostess and maintain and stunning girlfriend. Seriously how does he do this? He isn’t even nice to them.

Speaking of everyone sleeping with Jax, how is everyone okay with this? These people treat each other TERRIBLY and everyone is always forgiven. I’ve cut people out of my life for less and never looked back. Are the fights real or is the money just enough to help one forgive?

We saw last night Stassi say she didn’t want an apology from Ariana because even if she meant it, in this situation it would be forced and that isn’t right. It also seemed that Stassis brother would like Stassi to apologize to Patrick and work things out. In a touching scene Nikolia expressed how much he missed Patrick which brought Stassi to tears. Explaining she isn’t mad at Patrick and still has feelings she just can’t keep going around like this it sadly seemed to fall on the deaf ears of a brother who just isn’t old enough to understand. Nikolia often is amazing at giving advice and is hilarious but this might be a little too emotionally advanced for even him. Hopefully him and Patrick can find a way to be friends even if it is over for him and Stassi.

Loyalty is something always questioned on Vanderpump Rules and it came to a head at the ladies afternoon Pandora planned. The day started off great with Stassi and Ariana making peace but went downhill at lunch when a fight exploded between bride to be and Scheana. As usual Katies drinking was brought up and Scheanas loyalty was questioned. Scheana apologized again for being beyond tacky and complaining to Katie over having to pay for her shower but then took the opportunity to attack Katie for how she changes when she drinks. Scheana stormed out and eventually her and Katie were able to talk. Both crying they realized they do have a meaningful friendship and just need to work on communication.

Next week we travel to New Orleans for parties and drama you don’t want to miss!

Written by Samantha Trarback

Look for Good ~Samantha


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