Usher Files Papers to Have Herpes Lawsuit Thrown Out

Usher Files Papers to Have Herpes Lawsuit Thrown Ou

Usher Raymond has filed papers in court against claims made by Laura Helm, the woman who is accusing the R&B singer of giving her an STD. Helms claims that she contracted Herpes Simplex 2 from Usher. Her suit says that she didn’t learn of the signer’s malady until another lawsuit filed against Usher became public knowledge showing he paid the an anonymous woman $1.1 million for not telling her he carried the virus and infecting her with the virus.
In her lawsuit, Helm is fairly explicit about the sex acts she and Usher shared, including oral sex; but adding that he’d been friends for years. Helm claims that they used a condom that he brought with him the first time they had sex. The second time was in a hotel room, sans protection. But Helm said she didn’t see Usher climax either time and that both times he pulled out before ejaculation.

Usher Files Papers to Have Herpes Lawsuit Thrown Ou

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It was after their second encounter that Helm says she felt a bump inside her mouth and a painful pea-sized bump inside her vagina. Both are sysmptoms of Herpes Simplex 2. These encounters occurred in spring 2017. She learned Usher was infected in July. She filed a $10 million lawsuit against the singer. When she learned that she had actually contracted the STD, she upped the Lawsuit amount to $20 million, claiming “extreme and debilitating mental, emotional and physical distress and anguish, humiliation and embarrassment”.
When the story first broke on Usher infecting these women with herpes, Mrs. Raymond, Grace Miguel posted a lengthy message on Instagram about her learning to love herself just as much as she loves her man. Other than that, it’s been radio silence.

Meanwhile, Usher has filed papers asking the judge to dismiss the Helm’s lawsuit saying she cannot be sure she contracted herpes from him or someone else. His lawyer also argued that knowing Raymond did not have a condom on, she assumed any risks when she consented to having sex with him, saying, “With a one in six chance that any given partner could have genital herpes, [she] assumed the risk of contracting an STD each and every time she chose to have unprotected sex with a casual, consensual partner.”

Usher Files Papers to Have Herpes Lawsuit Thrown Ou

Helm, of course, insists she didn’t have sex with anyone between the April 16 and April 28 occurrences.
TMZ is reporting that two days before filing the lawsuit paperwork, Helm told a friend that Usher used a condom every time they had intercourse, despite claiming he only wore a condom once, during the first encounter.
I don’t know about you, but I’ll never be able to listen to “Let It Burn” the same way again.


"To be honest, I'm just winging far so good!" Rhonda
“To be honest, I’m just winging it…so far so good!” Rhonda











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