Update: ‘The Bachelor’s Chris Soules Arraigned!

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Ex-Bachelor, Chris Soules, appeared in a Buchanan County court this morning for his arraignment for charges of fleeing the scene of an accident where a death occurred. Those charges are a Class “D” felony in Iowa. Chris could face up to five (5) years in prison if convicted. He was being held on a $10,000 cash bond; but, that bond has since been paid and Soules released. Despite reports of alcohol containers in Soules’ truck, no OWI charges have been filed.


The charges stem from an accident involving Soules on Monday evening. Buchanan County Sheriff’s Office was called to the scene. Reports had Soules rear-ending a tractor outside of Aurora, Iowa. Both vehicles went off the road into a ditch. Initial reports had Soules abandoning his pickup and leaving the scene. But police were able to track Chris at his home later that evening. Extra reported that Soules was not cooperative with the police and the time of his arrest, refusing to come out of the house.

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The driver of the tractor, Kenneth Mosher was not pronounced dead at the scene; but was taken to an area hospital where he did pass away.


A spokesperson for Soules said, “Chris Soules was involved in an accident Monday evening (April 24) in a rural part of Iowa near his home. He was devastated to learn that Kenneth Mosher, the other person in the accident, passed away. His thoughts and prayers are with Mr. Mosher’s family.” It is not known if Soules and Mosher knew one another.


This was not the first time Soules has been in trouble with the law. He was arrested in 2001 he was picked up on two separate occasions for minor possession of alcohol. He was arrested again in 2005 for OWI (Operating While Intoxicated). For that charge, he received a $500.00 fine and received a sentence for 60 days, with 58 days suspended and one year probation. Chris also has a history of traffic violations including leaving the scene in 2002 after running through a stop sign, which was later reduced to leaving the scene due to defective brakes.


His next court date for will be on May 2.


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"To be honest, I'm just winging it...so far so good!" Rhonda
“To be honest, I’m just winging it…so far so good!” Rhonda




















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Photo Credit: Buchanan Co. Sheriff’s Dept. and abc.go.com

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