Top 5 Things You Might Not Know about Big Brother

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Do you call yourself a Big Brother Fan? Have you seen every episode, watched all the live feeds and know every detail of the show? Well, here are 5 facts about the Big Brother franchise you might not have known.

#5 When houseguests are inside the house, CBS Tells the houseguests not to hum, sing or recite quotes from movies or television show. The reason is so CBS doesn’t have to pay for copyright.

#4 You already know that the winner  gets $500,000 at the end of the season, but what about when you get evicted before the finale? Well, for every week you survive in the Big Brother house, you receive $750.

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#3 Do you have a favorite fight in the house from your favorite season? Well, sorry to tell you this, but it might have been planned. These fights keep the show interesting and fans on the edge of their seats.

#2 Yes, Slop is disgusting . Back when Big Brother first premiered, the houseguests that lost the food competition would have to eat peanut butter and jelly for an entire week. This would go on until season 6. In season 7, the all-star season, Big Brother producers brought in the slop to torture the houseguests. Since slop was brought into the game, two houseguests were taken to the hospital from poor  nutrition and an allergic reaction.

#1 Did you have a favorite winner? Well, sad to say that once they become Big Brother winners, they end up in sticky situations. Season 9 winner Adam Jasinski was sentenced to four years in federal prison soon after his victory for drug trafficking and tax evasion. Several BB jury members voted for Adam to win because he promised to donate $100,000 to an autism charity, so the fact that he ended up using all of his prize money to fund a drug ring was pretty shocking. But as Julie Chen always says, you should always “expect the unexpected.”

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Written By Christopher Mabry

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