This Is Us – Mandy Moore on Her Family

This Is Us – Mandy Moore on Her Family

Kids may be in the future for Mandy Moore and boyfriend Taylor Goldsmith Moore hinted. Mandy has said that Taylor is big into health and vitamins and she was caught saying ““My boyfriend is really good about vitamins, and just this morning I made a pact to start a vitamin routine,” she said. “I want to have kids in the next couple years. I always said that I want to take care of myself to the best of my ability before I venture into that phase of my life.”

But will Mandy Moores kids have the same upbringing as her? Probably not. Mandy doesn’t often talk about it but her mother left her father for another woman and her two brothers are gay. Growing up in such a non stereotypical way may have lead to why she is so relatable. A self described old soul Mandy Moore has become the TV mom we all want. She is managing to put her kids first and still follow her heart with the band.

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Mandy first came to us with her single “Candy” in 1994 but it was “I want to be with You” from Center Stage that really threw her into the spotlight. In 2002 film “A Walk To Remember” she truly captured our hearts. This could very well have been the prequel to show us how much Mandy Moore can draw us in with her emotional acting and make you feel everything she feels.

“This is Us” captivates and moves audiences everywhere and we can’t wait to see where this emotionally charged show takes us next. Tune in Tuesdays but be sure to have your tissue ready.

Written by Samantha Trarback

Look for Good ~Samantha


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