“This is Us”: Kate Betrayed by Kevin

Did Kevin marry the girl who bullied Kate? We saw in “The Pool” Kate receive a note from her “friends” saying she embarrassed them and they didn’t want to be friends with her. Signed “Samantha, Vicki and Sofie.” Recently we learned that Kevin married and has since divorced Kate’s friend Sophie. Sophie is a common name so it is possible that it is two different girls as the names are spelled differently.

"This is Us": Kate Betrayed by Kevin


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In “Three Sentences” we see that Kevin received a card from Sophie with the different spelling. He declares her love for her in front of his family. In other flashbacks when they are older it is announced to their mom that Sophie and Kevin are sleeping together. Any time your brother dates your best friend it is going to put a strain on the friendship.

Cast and fans were hoping that the friendship wasn’t lost but at this point it doesn’t appear that they were able to maintain a friendship, just as Kevin and Sophie could not to maintain a marriage.

"This is Us": Kate Betrayed by Kevin

If Kevin and Sophie can make this work it may be the much-needed emotional high fans are needing after the tragic death of William.

Tune in Tuesdays and don’t forget your tissue!

Written by Samantha T

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