“This is Us”: Jack’s Heart-Wrenching Death

“This is Us”: Jack’s Heart-Wrenching Death

Many theories have been circulating since we discovered that sadly Jack dies in This is Us. Rumors have been circulating but nothing has been confirmed…yet

Word has it that Miguel killed him, however; on ET actor Jon Huertas said “What kind of show are you watching? This isn’t some murder mystery!” It is safe to say that the show will continue to pull at our heart strings and not take a dramatic twist to murder.

Which also rules out fan theory #2, that Rebecca and Miguel were in on the murder of Jack together. No. Just no.

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And while they may live close to New York, Kate and Jack watched the 2006 Super bowl together which rules out 9/11. This is Us deals with a lot emotionally, we are thankful that it will not be touching on that.

"This is Us": Jack's Heart-Wrenching Death

Which leaves us to a very possible theory. Jack starts drinking again and this is what causes his accident. Earlier in the season Rebecca told Jack that he had to stop drinking or it was over, so he did.

"This is Us": Jack's Heart-Wrenching Death

Upon learning she is going on tour with an ex he starts drinking again. Could his drinking lead to a fatal drunk driving accident or does Rebecca leave him and he drinks himself to death? Actor Milo Ventimiglia posted a photo on his Instagram of a road with a “Dead End” sign, is this poetic foreshadowing?

"This is Us": Jack's Heart-Wrenching Death

Fans are reeling in discovering how exactly patriarch Jack Pearson dies.

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