There’s No Stopping Serena Williams Post Giving Birth…Let the Cravings Begin!

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There are a lot of great female tennis players out there today on the circuit -and if you know anything about the sport of tennis, then you know these ladies travel all over the world to try and battle it out for the #1 spot – – unfortunately, Serena “grand slam” Williams has reportedly stated that “I’ll be back” as the famous quote from “Arnold Schwarzenegger” has said in his movies, but Serena vows that her intentions are to “destroy” each and every single one of you ladies…..within weeks after she has her baby! That’s right folks…. the one and only Serena Williams, who has become the world’s #1 female tennis player of all time refuses to give up playing on the courts and winning multiple tournaments.


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Many of us, including myself really believed that Serena, at the age of 35, which is considered quite old for a tennis player, especially after giving birth to a baby, would say adios to the game of tennis – also, the only other top ranked #1 player who competes with Serena in almost every single major tennis tourney, and is a bit older, just happens (to be Serena’s older sister, Venus who still has those moves). And get this! Venus is ranked #75 among the top pros on the circuit today.


However, when we caught up with Serena, while she was in the big “Apple” referred to as New York City, she gave no indication of retiring.



After we inquired as to whether she is experiencing any kind of cravings, as most new mothers-to-be go through, we found out that Serena is indeed having major cravings – but, since she is a pro athlete and knows the value of good wholesome foods, her midnight snacks will, of course, consist of very nutritious and healthy snacks for both baby and mama.



We are so very excited for Serena and applaud her decision to come back once she takes just a little time to bond with her baby!

Written by Renee Barbee

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