The Scandalous Marriage of Kris and Robert Kardhasian

The Scandalous Marriage of Kris and Robert Kardhasian

A new tell all book by Jerry Oppenheimer, The Kardashians, An American Dream will be out on September 19, a tell all which includes details of the troubled marriage of Kris and Robert Kardashian. A story of social climbing, infidelities, and rise to fame.

The Scandalous Marriage of Kris and Robert Kardhasian

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Kris Houghton, met Robert Kardashian while she was in a relationship with pro golfer Cesar Sanudo. Kris was a 17 year old teenager with redneck roots who was growing up in San Diego with very little money. Kris and her mother Mary Jo were determined for Kris to marry wealthy. Kris’ mother had no objection to a teenage Kris dating older men if she was able to obtain her goal of marrying well. Robert was wealthy and successful and seemed a better choice for a potential husband so she ended it with Cesar to pursue a relationship with Robert.

The Scandalous Marriage of Kris and Robert Kardhasian

At first, Robert and Kris dated but were not serious. Robert had been dating Elvis’ ex-wife Priscilla Presley and was looking to marry her. Although Robert was quite taken with Priscilla she was not ready to re-marry at this time so he ended the relationship and picked up where he left off with Kris. Kris was determined to do anything to marry Robert. Robert grew up in a wealthy, upscale family and didn’t necessarily feel 17 year old Kris was proper wife material. However, he was fascinated with the idea of having a wife he could dominate and thought he could mold Kris into a “Stepford Wife”.

Robert insisted that Kris watch self help videos about decorating, entertaining etc., making sure she followed through. After their marriage in 1978, they moved into a 7000 square foot Beverly Hills mansion and Kris became quite the socialite. It was at this time that they became friends with O.J. and Nicole Simpson. They began a life of socializing with celebrities which they both enjoyed and life seemed good.

The Scandalous Marriage of Kris and Robert Kardhasian

Kris became bored with her life and began going out with friends, coming home drunk and having affairs. The most notable happened with family friend Todd Waterman. Robert eventually caught them together on multiple occasions. It was during this period that Kris discovered that she was pregnant with with her third child Khloe. The only problem was Kris and Robert were no longer having sex. According to the book, Robert’s friends and family have confirmed that Robert did not believe Khloe to be his biological child.

Eventually Kris’ infidelities became too difficult for Robert and he ended the marriage. The relationship deteriorated further when in 1994 Robert became part of the dream team that defended O.J. Simpson in the suspected murder of his ex-wife Nicole. Robert married twice after divorcing Kris and in the book both women confirm that they were told by Robert about his suspicions of not being Khloe’s father. That being said he did love her very much and considered her his child.

Unfortunately, in 2003 Robert was diagnosed with esophageal cancer only 8 weeks before his death which was very shocking and difficult for the entire family. When Priscilla Presley found out about Robert’s illness she told him that she loved him. Reportedly, this brought tears to his eyes.

Kris went on to marry Bruce Jenner and the rest as they say is history.

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