The Saga Continues…NOTORIOUS Mom, Casey Anthony, is Pregnant!

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Yes, it is true! I was burning with rage when I heard that infamous, Casey Anthony was pregnant with her second baby. Oh, and she’s hoping for another girl, mind you!! ‘Dolce Vita’ how apropos! 


Who in God’s name would volunteer to get this sad, evil creature pregnant!? It turns out the guy who is the child’s father will be marrying his freaky princess! Yikes. Good luck with the safety of your future child or children. He is the new mystery dad. Just like Caylee, the new baby’s dad has no name.

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I would not trust Casey Anthony under my roof much less to be alone with another baby. Casey is still the brat I saw during her trial. According to her, “She doesn’t care what anyone thinks of her present condition or her upcoming nuptials.” (Expletive omitted.)


Many people believe she got away with the murder of beautiful two-year-old Caylee Anthony. I also believe that she lied through her murdering teeth before, during and after the trial. I don’t believe anything that comes out of her lying, foul mouth.



Former alleged suspect my butt.


Did anyone see her recent interview? She’s the same person she was back then. She shows no remorse at all for her dirty deeds. She’s still as arrogant as ever. Through innuendo she is still pointing her finger at her father, George Anthony, even though they have never charged him with anything.


Too bad her dead baby, Caylee will never have that second chance Casey is hoping to get in her new found, happy life.


Little ‘miss mess’ got off on a technicality which means squat in my book. Reasonable doubt is a cover for we don’t have enough brains to figure out that the baby was dead in Casey’s car! There was enough evidence to convict the devil himself!


Everything that they found around little Caylee’s skeletal remains came directly from Casey’s home. The blanky, the cute little stickers, and the duct tape that smothered little Caylee, were all connected to the Anthony’s home. But the jury turned a blind eye and listened to the attorney, Jose Baez. (Casey was sleeping with this lowlife.) more than they listened to the silent cries of the baby no one fought hard enough for or defended.


This was only about winning an acquittal for the sociopathic monster who wrapped a blanket around her baby to trash her in the dark, cold woods after she snuffed out her precious life. Who misplaces a two-year-old baby for thirty long days!? For that alone she should have been tossed behind bars till kingdom come.


She got into an argument with her mother right before Caylee went missing. Her mother, Cindy had her hands around Casey’s neck during that confrontation. My theory is that Casey Anthony knew how much her parents loved and adored Caylee, their only granddaughter. After that fight, she probably did what she did to her baby to spite her parents and take away the thing they loved most in life. She was probably angry and jealous of all the attention Caylee was getting which left her out in the cold.


Casey claimed she was giving her attorney play for pay sexual favors to pay him for getting her off the hook for murder. That little arrangement with her attorney, Jose Baez made him work extra hard for those sexual perks! He got her off alright, or was it the other way around? This guy was no bastion of principle, either. He was a dead-beat dad with a penchant for writing rubber checks. Imagine that!


The interview Casey did announcing her pregnancy didn’t prove to show any change in her character. Nor did it stop her from throwing her father under the bus once more for good measure.


The Saga Continues...NOTORIOUS Mom, Casey Anthony is Pregnant!



She’s the same person who seems to have no conscience, in my opinion. If she is truly innocent I would like to hear her explain why she told all the false stories about the imaginary nanny, the job she claimed she had and the kicker – that her father molested her. The biggest question in my mind is the cover up of the chloroform. It was a damaging piece of evidence that was searched for online by a family member in Casey’s home. It’s obvious that Cindy Anthony lied about being the one who searched for the chloroform accidentally on her home computer. She was not home and didn’t use the computer for that purpose. She was at work at the time the entry was made.


I’m anxious to see how this new chapter in the life of the Anthony’s and their daughter turns out. I can’t wait for the baby pictures and her wedding pictures. I wonder if daddy will be wearing a bag over his head with a big question mark?


Written by Susie

“Health is wealth” Susie






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