The Duggars: The Seewald Family Congratulate Joy-Anna on Engagement

The Duggar family continues to grow in numbers! Jessa Duggar and her hubby, Ben Seewald decided to video tape and record a cute message – which is what this brood is famous for, to say congratulations to another sister, that being Joy-Anna Duggar, who recently got engaged to her BFF and longtime friend of the Duggar family, Austin Forsyth.

The Duggars: The Seewald Family Congratulate Joy-Anna on Engagement

As seen in the video post, Jessa, who is only 24 years old and her hubby, Ben, younger than Jessa at age 21 are seen holding their adorable baby boys – Spurgeon, their 1st born who is now 16 months and their newborn baby boy, Henry, who was born one month ago, are both sporting blue striped “onesies” which match each other.

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“Hey, Joy and Austin, congratulations,” Ben says in the clip, which he posted online this past Monday, the 6th of March.

While little Spurgeon, who is just a toddler manages to do his cooing towards one of the cameras, Jessa chimes in and says, “We’re super excited for y’all getting engaged, and we are looking forward to the big day — your wedding day. The little boys say congratulations too. There’s Henry and Spurgey saying, ‘Yay, we’re happy to have another uncle.’ We love y’all.”

One week ago, this Friday, the 3rd of March, both Jill Duggar and her hubby, Derick Dillard sent their own special message to her sister, Joy-Anna and her soon to be brother-in-law, Austin;” Hey Joy and Austin, congratulations. We just heard the good news on the engagement,” Derick, at the age of 27, stated, while Jill, his wife at the age of 25, decides to also say a few words of her own, “Yeah, we’re so excited for you all! Both Jill and Derick, another couple who are also reality TV stars on “Counting On” decided to try and get Israel, their baby boy, who is only 23 months old to say the words: “I love you,” which the toddler was actually able to repeat and said with glee in his voice.

Joy-Anna Duggar told Us Weekly, “getting engaged to her brand-new boyfriend and longtime family friend and whom is most likely very busy planning her wedding. “We just got engaged!” as she reported to Us. “I’m so excited to be engaged to my best friend — Austin made it so romantic, it’s amazing!”

Well folks, another Duggar wedding is now in the works and we are almost certain it will take place before this year is over. Congrats!

Written by Renee Barbee

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