“The Duggars”: Amy Duggar Pregnant with Baby Number One?!

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Several weeks ago, Jinger Duggar decided to wear shorts out in public – and like everything else the Duggar family does, this clothing selection didn’t sit well. The way we see it, ok, big deal! However, in this situation, it truly was a major snafu within the Duggar clan.


After seeing Jinger in “shorts” on the world-wide web, fans went crazy and posted all kinds of comments, as if the world was coming to an end, however, from the looks of things, another huge news item regarding the infamous Duggar’s might be revealed any day now.

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This “breaking” news story concerns a different relative from the Duggar brood – this time around, Jinger sporting shorts, and/or long pants pales in comparison.


Are you ready for this……? drum roll please.


Amy Duggar is expecting a child!!!


What?! Is this really true?! Perhaps it is. From the many comments, we have seen on the Duggar families Instagram sites, everyone is talking about it, especially during the last day or so.


Amy, who is also one of the reality celebs – along, with her so-called marriage to Dillon King, who also happens to be her hubby, has received a lot of criticism in the last few months, however, they both thought it would be “cute” to take time out of their busy lives and have their picture taken on one of the biggest holidays of the year – “Easter” Sunday.


As you can see for yourself, the photo has caused many of their fans and followers to ask one very important question.


"The Duggars": Amy Duggar Pregnant with Baby Number One?!


Is she, or isn’t she?! By that, we mean, is Amy trying her best to cover up, what appears to be a “baby bump” and seems to be pushing through the flowered dress she wore?!


Well, if you look good, you might want to add your own opinion and come up with a conclusion.

We understand why some people are “assuming” that Ms. Amy (Duggar) King is expecting, don’t you see it?!


This type of outfit is normally worn by a woman who might be pregnant – it’s also the perfect dress for wearing on a very warm day in spring time – hmm, that “baby bump” sure looks the real deal.


Amy, however, never gave one clue from any of the pictures her fans and followers saw on social media – including the caption itself; all she did write was a very uplifting and somewhat religious message to her wonderful fans, which you can see below:


“God’s glory fills the earth, Jesus is alive!” “Happy Easter to you and your family!”
As most of us know, Ms. Duggar, is Jim Bob Duggar’s niece – she appears to be the most popular from all 19 of the Duggar siblings, all of which are Amy’s biological cousins, mainly because Amy herself has discussed her marriage in great detail – and many times, her words indicate that there may be “trouble in paradise” as they say.


Amy is a smart girl and she knows how to make a quick buck by posting photos and other words regarding her husband and the problems she has had to deal with – it’s been very hard for her and at times, she has been looked at very carefully, almost as if someone is watching her every move.


"The Duggars": Amy Duggar Pregnant with Baby Number One?!


Take for example, the time when both Amy and her husband, Dillon were “spotlighted” during an episode of “Marriage Boot Camp,” which was seen on “Wet’s” network – and it appeared that they were battling each other, without any respect whatsoever – almost like what we see on those crazy talk shows, like “Dr. Phil.” This comes directly from the network – which they are reporting as accurate.


Another “hot topic” was the issue of Amy and the abuse she endured by her own dad, during that one episode, which got Amy in a lot of trouble.


Here’s another shocker from Amy – she actually said this to one certain person, who was also a castmate; her own father had, at one time, actually and physically abused her – how?! He picked her up by placing his hands around her throat, then bringing her entire body, from head to toe, and then holding her up to a ceiling in whatever house or building they were in.


Apparently, this was some kind of punishment – mainly due to the fact that Amy told her father a lie regarding her dental hygiene – and this occurred when she was just a small child. Unbelievable!


"The Duggars": Amy Duggar Pregnant with Baby Number One?!


Gossip mongers and others, who like to spread rumors, were stating that a “divorce” was almost unavoidable for Mr. and Mrs. Dillon King – and, as we all know, just mentioning the word is taboo for the Duggar family, no matter if they are “kissing cousins” or a sibling – the Duggar’s do not believe in getting divorced – same kind of situation with Anna Duggar, who swears that she is happily married to her husband, Josh Duggar – but from everything that we have seen, these two Duggar couples and their lives have been burdened for quite some time now.


As the “Marriage Boot Camp” season was coming to an end, Amy, along with her husband, Dillon finally agreed that the main problem in their marriage is a lack of communication.


Stay tuned Duggar fans for more updates on: Is she or is she not pregnant, as we wait for the official word from Amy herself!


Written by Renee Barbee

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