The Challenge’s CT Has A New Motivation

CT on being a dad and new motivation-

Fans have been anxiously awaiting the return of CT but there may be someone who would rather he stayed home! His son Christopher!

After the tragic passing of Diem, CT vowed to never do a Challenge again and seemed to drop off our radar. Turns out while he was away he came a father to an adorable son! “He’s a little maniac he’s so curious, he likes to touch everything. Right now, he thinks his name is ‘No’ because everything is ‘no.'”

Clearly CTs genes run deep!

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His son is the one we can thank for his comeback. CT didn’t want his son to see him on tv as this crazy guy running around starting fights, he wanted to be a good example and show him how he has changed. CT has made it to the finals five times and won once on Rivals 2 with his partner Wes.

Will Christopher be the motivation CT needs to win? Tune in tomorrow to see!

Written by , Samantha Trarback

Look for Good ~Samantha


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