“The Challenge” : Invasion The Champs are HERE!

“The Challenge” : Invasion The Champs are HERE!

Tonight, marks the moment we have all been waiting for, the entrance of the champions!

"The Challenge" : Invasion The Champs are HERE!

The Champs don’t have to earn their tickets to the Oasis, which is fair since they are champs but who will get the remaining 4 tickets? Amanda, Shane, Anthony, Latoya, Nelson & Sylvia are all vying for their ticket and this could be the perfect chance for the growing alliance of Jenna, Nicole, Kailah and Tony to get out Sylvia who in the first week made it clear what side she was on.

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"The Challenge" : Invasion The Champs are HERE!

Jenna has already secured her ticket to the oasis so how will she deal with being stuck there with recent ex-boyfriend Zach? Will it be a complicated love triangle with his former love interest Ashley there as well? That probably won’t be an issue since they dated so long ago but we know Jenna has a huge heart and we don’t want to see Zach break it again.

"The Challenge" : Invasion The Champs are HERE!

Another battle we are excited to see is how Nelson stacks up to Bananas. Bananas usually runs the house and coming in with CT and Darrell they could be a force to reckon with but Nelson seems to think he is running the show.

"The Challenge" : Invasion The Champs are HERE!

Rumor has it that Cara Maria and Laurel were on the outs coming into this season, will the prove to be true? Apparently the two enter the house both wanting to take each other out. Hopefully this isn’t the case since watching them become friends on Rivals was amazing.

That isn’t the only drama surrounding Cara Maria. Cara Maria claims in a tweet that Nicole broke up with her girlfriend in hopes to be with her, is this true?

"The Challenge" : Invasion The Champs are HERE!

From what we have seen Laurel and Nicole have become one of the most adorable couples on social media! Was Nicole shot down by Cara Maria and turned to rival again Laurel?

Tune in tonight to see all the drama unfold!

Written by Samantha T

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