The Challenge Invasion Meet the Men

The Challenge Invasion Meet the Men

The Challenge Invasion Meet the Men

Bruno Bruno Bruno. First we loved you on Skeletons and then not so much. Huge into fitness as he is into rage! He will have past cast mates Tony, Nicole and Sylvia but will that help? Him and Sylvia aren’t exactly on good terms and established men like CT, Bananas and Zach can take him down a notch. His brute strength will be what can carry him.

The Challenge Invasion Meet the Men

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Theo was a fan favorite who sadly went home early on Bad Blood. Him and his cousin couldn’t work things out. As a former football player we know he is athletic. Will being away from an establish rival be enough to keep his head in the game? Hopefully because fans would like to get to know him more.

The Challenge Invasion Meet the Men

Anthonys swag might be what keeps him going through the house. He managed to hook up with 9 out of 11 girls on Are You the One? But will that be enough? He is a player in the sense of women but what about physically? It does seem like he has been working out since AYTO but will it be enough? Viewers typically aren’t a fan of AYTO members so if he goes early I don’t think people will mind.

Father of 2, Tony needs to win this to pay his child support! Will his ongoing feud with Camilla stop him from going far? We saw them both removed from Rivals 3 when their fighting hit new levels. If Tony can keep his head in the game and off the bottle he might go far. He is a personal trainer and that may help him but if history repeats itself we know it is his temper that is the ongoing issue.

Dario is the first member of AYTO to have 3 challenge seasons under his belt. Still an underdog it is hard to say how far he will go. People don’t seem to like him despite his charm. He is built well but we have seen big guys fall hard and not perform.

I don’t know who would be happier to see Zach go, Ashley, Jenna or viewers. The quint essential part of Ken and Barbie angered viewers when he broke Jennas heart on Bloodlines. How will the power house manage 2 ex’s in one house? Zach is a beast, he is strong and can win but will the drama inside the house be his downfall?

Can’t remember Shane? That is because he has been gone for 16 seasons! The last time we saw him was on Fresh Meat and even then he wasn’t that memorable. He is a sloppy drunk which makes for good tv but not a great competitor. How these people compete the way they do hung over is beyond me. Shane is scene throwing up in a regular challenge not finale so that might be an indicator of how he will do this season.

The Challenge Invasion Meet the Men

Hunter is hot, he has a great body and is a sweet country boy. He is going to be the AYTO guy you cheer for. He is athletic, a former baseball player that loves to run. He is also a total charmer which helps anyone in The Challenge. He may have to overcome ladies fighting over the sweet country boy!

Cory is back and fine as ever. Rumored with hook ups he is still one to watch. He has the personality to go far and the physical ability to back it. The fact he lost to Nate is the fuel he needs to go far this year. With an athletic scholarship you know he is in peak physical ability and hopefully wont suffer another humiliating loss.

AYTO work out fanatic Nelson is back. He spends his time working out which will help him in the game but he had no social strategy and a lose cannon partner in Rivals. Could this be what Nelson needs to go far?

This Sh!t is Bananas! Johnny Bananas that is. A big part of the game is the social aspect. You have to wonder if anyone will want to align with Bananas after what he pulled on Rivals 3 when he decided not to split the money with Sarah. To his defense she did screw him over in Ex’s but is that warranted? Johnny has won more money than any other player in Challenge history, can he win it again?

Darrell is back and is there anything hotter than a great day who wants to win for his daughter? Thanks to it being an individual season he is back and everyone is happy, well probably not the underdogs. Darrell is strong and funny and a great competitor. With great physical strength and strong ties in the house he will be hard to beat.

CT is back and our hearts our full. After the tragic death of Diem we didn’t think we would ever see him again. Back now wanting to show his son the man he has become he is here to win. CT has ALWAYS been a force to recon with. No one will EVER forget the Banana backpack and that pure hardcore strength. He also has a lot of his friends there which will help. Many will be cheering him on and we know Diem will be looking down on him proudly.

Written by Samantha Trarback

Look for Good ~Samantha


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