“The Challenge” Hall of Fame: Johnny Bananas Most Memorable Moments!

The Challenge is in full swing and this week we get to see the champs compete. One of the most notorious champions is back and has given us some insight to himself.

When asked what his most memorable victory was he said was Rivals which he won with Tyler. The Rivals final was the first 2-day final in the franchise and he was honored to be a part of it.

“The Challenge” Hall of Fame: Johnny Bananas Most Memorable Moments!

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Here are some more of our favorite Johnny Banana moments:

The Island: Evelyn calling Johnny’s alliance out but in the end winning with her and taking her instead of Paula. Paula has said publicly that she was screwed over by this, but Johnny insists she was never a part of the alliance.
Speaking of dealing with ladies, another Johnny Bananas moment we can’t forget was Battle of the Ex’s when the Camilianator was screaming at him that he was a cheater and she was going to kill him. Johnny sure has a way with the ladies….

Another heart he broke on The Challenge was Sarah Rice. We have all heard this, some are #TeamBananas others are #TeamSarah. When given the option to share the first-place money or take it and run…he took it and ran all the way into a new house!

Did Sarah have it coming? In Battle of the Ex’s 2 Sarah had a choice to either send in Jenna and Jay or Nany and Bananas. Being friends forever no one expected her to throw in Johnny which is exactly what she did. He said he would seek vengeance and he did!

Our top Johnny Bananas moment, but not his, is The Banana Backpack! When CT entered and literally wore Johnny as a backpack before using his body to knock over the barrel!

“The Challenge” Hall of Fame: Johnny Bananas Most Memorable Moments!

Written by Samantha T

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