“The Challenge”: Champs vs Pros; Episode 1 Recap

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The 6 week special began last night and as it sure started with a bang!


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The special features 10 former ‘The Challange’ Champs ranging from Johnny “Bananas”- who appears in almost every season, to fan favorites like CT and Camila, all the way to some original faces like Jordan Wiseley & Veronica4 Portillo.


But just in case that amazing lineup wasn’t good enough; the Champs are being pitted against Professional Athletes. From UFC Fighter CM Punk to professional surfer Tia Blanco and everyone in between.


"The Challenge": Champs vs Pros; Episode 1 Recap


The game rules are a little different and are as follows: Each episode will focus on a different strength (agility, ingenuity, brawn, brains, endurance and guts). Every week, the winning team’s captain will choose one member of their team to go into the elimination round, and the rest of the team will vote in their opponent. The losing team’s captain is automatically sent into elimination, and their team will also nominate their opponent. The final male and female competitors of the season will endure the ultimate test, showcasing each strength in one heart-pounding race for the chance to win $50,000 for their favorite charity.


Now let’s get to the episode:


As excepted the episode kicked off with a lot of smack talk between the Pros and the Champs. At the center of it was Johnny “Bananas” and Lolo. Bananas so kindly pointed out that they were going to be jumping hurdles. Lolo was able to fire back saying that anyone could run obstacle courses. It’s going to make for good TV.


The first challenge was a challenge classic and the elimination was a female elimination. Each team was told to name


"The Challenge": Champs vs Pros; Episode 1 Recap


Once back at the house Victor dropped a bomb on them saying that each week will be a DOUBLE ELIMINATION, meaning one member from each team will go home each week. Because Ashley was the captain of the loosing team she was automatically sent into elimination. The rest of the champs voted in Veronica, since she hasn’t been around for years and she needs to prove herself.

Since Louise was the captain of the winning team she was safe from elimination. Louise was told to nominate someone from her team, and she choose Candice (who actually volunteered). The rest of the team decided to pull a name from a hat, or a lime from a basket, Louise pulled Lolo’s name out.


The elimination was another challenge classic. Although Ashley fell off the wall, she still managed to beat Veronica. And Lolo DOMINATED in the elimination, Candice didn’t stand a chance.


"The Challenge": Champs vs Pros; Episode 1 Recap


Although Veronica & Candice were sent home they both earned $1000 for their respected charities.


Don’t forget to tune in next Tuesday! This special is going to be AMAZING.


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