“The Challenge”: Bed Wetting and Drama

The Champions have arrived and as Sylvia said “every one of us may have died a little on the inside” which is not something viewers would agree on! Viewer have been counting down the days until the champions entered the house. To our surprise, we were let down! However, this is mainly due to the format of the game.

“The Challenge”: Bed Wetting and Drama

We learn that it will in fact be underdogs vs champs but not head on. Each week will either be a champion elimination or an underdog one. Going into the challenge it is team vs team to score 3 points by putting the ball in the bucket. The Underdog ladies get a clean sweep while the guys put up a fight but still lose 2-3 to the Underdogs.

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“The Challenge”: Bed Wetting and Drama

Being the first to score on both teams Ashley and Dario each get to pick a member on the opposite sex from their team to go into the elimination round. Ashley votes in Tony which she makes seem to be the hardest decision ever (apparently, she forgot the first elimination voting where she was more than happy to toss him in) and Dario voted in Sylvia due to the fact she was the last one to earn her ticket in.

“The Challenge”: Bed Wetting and Drama

Back at the Oasis the drama really kicks it into high gear! Now that they are in a clean environment with showers the drinking seems to flow much easier. Kailha manages to get black out drunk and enjoy Cory in the bathroom. It may have been in her best interest to say in the bathroom as she ends up peeing his bed. At this point, Cory cuts all ties with her and proceeds to bash her to the entire house. I’m not sure what is embarrassing Kailha more, the bed wetting or being dropped so fast by Cory. Cory had no problem voting her in earlier in the game so I’m not sure why she is so shocked that he is an ass.

“The Challenge”: Bed Wetting and Drama

Poor Jenna is still pining over Zach. Maybe this is why her and Kailha are such good friends, their terrible taste in guys! One thing we can all agree with Zach on though is Jenna still has a killer ass! He admits that she is looking as good as ever and we all have to agree. That seems to be the only real drama between the Champs and the Underdogs.

“The Challenge”: Bed Wetting and Drama

Bananas and the other Champs all discuss how dysfunctional the underdogs are with their tiny alliances already that seem to be falling apart and pointless. Since it won’t be champs vs underdogs head on until the finals this set up may be the in the best interest of the underdogs as they can seek out advice and learn from the champs.

Tune in next week to see who gets sent into the elimination!

Written by Samantha T

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