The Big Brother Canada #BBCAN5 House – The BBCAN ODYSSEY

The Diary Room – where time and space, and Houseguests and Big Brother collide. The Diary Room (abbreviated DR) is a part of the Big Brother House. The Diary Room is the only place in the house where in the housemates can have a conversation with Big Brother privately.

They can either voice out their opinions on the happenings inside the house or receive information about their tasks may it be a secret task, special task or a weekly task as well as receiving other information that may play a part on any twist. It is also the place where in they nominate fellow housemates on who to evict.

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HG Bedrooms, two rooms again this year.

Sector 002: Blue hibernation pod ( Bottom )

Sector 006: Pink hibernation pod ( Top )

The kitchen and The dining room

The HOH room is a captain’s deck, a luxe suite for the HG in the power position that week. The Head of Household (abbreviated HOH) is the position of supreme power and control in the Big Brother House. The Head of Household is selected each week during the live show. The winner of Head of Household is free from the threat of eviction. They receive perks, such as getting their own private bedroom, but are also faced with the decision of nominating two houseguests for eviction and putting up a replacement nominee when the Power of Veto is used.

The Have-Not room – a particularly brutal step back in time for those unfortunate enough to be have-nots.   A Have-Not is a HouseGuest that has to eat slop and sleep in the Have-Not Bedroom. The alternative is a Have.

The bridge – command central for those in power. This is where the HOH is  faced with the decision of nominating two houseguests for eviction

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1 thought on “The Big Brother Canada #BBCAN5 House – The BBCAN ODYSSEY

    Catherine Pastuck

    (March 14, 2017 - 10:39 am)

    Can’t wait to see BBCAN5 … The new house looks awesome ..The have not room look pre-historic so I wouldn’t want to lose a challenge !!! Getting excited ..

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