‘The Bachelorette Winner’ Bryan, Is It Over Already?

'The Bachelorette Winner' Bryan, Is It Over Already?

We all saw the dramatic ending of the Bachelorette where Rachel Lindsay picked Bryan Abasolo after Peter told her that he isn’t sure he can propose at the end. Did Rachel just pick Bryan for the engagement ring? Rumors are flying that Rachel and Bryan’s relationship is in trouble. Rachel’s friends think that she picked Bryan just to be engaged. She said before the rose ceremony she had doubts and if this was too fast to get engaged. I don’t want to believe that because I rooted for Bryan all along, but I am wondering if she made the right choice. Bryan professed his love for her more than once and she admitted she was falling in love with him. Her relationship with Peter seemed to be genuine also and you could see that she loved him and he loved her but couldn’t make that decision to give her a ring. Rachel said she had reservations about Bryan, she stated more than once “He’s too good to be true”. She wondered why he was still single and he told her his last relationship ended partly because of his mother, whom Rachel met. His mom is too attached to her son and this might be the reason behind his breakup. Rachel seemed to win Bryan’s mother, but how long will that last? She stated she was scared because he is such an amazing person.

'The Bachelorette Winner' Bryan, Is It Over Already?

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If they were to break up it wouldn’t be for awhile because they are doing the interview circuit and are in the spotlight right now.

'The Bachelorette Winner' Bryan, Is It Over Already?

There are also other rumors saying the couple is doing very well, and have already started wedding planning.
How will this play out? Which rumor is true? I am hoping they are doing well and will get married because they have a strong connection and seem to fit together. Love isn’t easy especially when you find it on a reality show. Good luck to Rachel and Bryan, I’m rooting for you!

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