“The Bachelorette”: Rachel Lindsay Scored Big Time!

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Wow is what comes to mind, our bachelorette Rachel was in a relationship with none other than Kevin Durant, the small forward for the Golden State Warriors and NBA superstar. Kevin just played and won against the Cav’s in Game one of the NBA finals.


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"The Bachelorette": Rachel Lindsay Scored Big Time!


While Rachel was attending the University of Texas her college boyfriend was a big man on campus, Kevin was a star player for the Longhorns. He was national collegiate player of the year and received the prestigious John Wooden R award.


They split when Rachel went off to law school to get her degree, while Kevin left UT for the NBA. The split was amicable and they both moved on. So does Rachel ever wonder “what if,” I think not because she stated She is very happy and in love and very much engaged now. Rachel stated she has to pinch herself because she is finally getting her happy ending


Good luck Rachel and we all can’t wait to see who the lucky man is!


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