“The Bachelorette”: Rachel Goes “Whaboom”!

Rachel, Rachel, you can’t live in the past because if you do you’ll never get your future!

Her group date was hilarious on the Ellen Show. Who wouldn’t love the fact the guys were shirtless and dancing in the audience. They all did an awesome job especially Alex, boy can he shake his Butt! I am still Bryan’s number one fan, he definitely is a keeper!

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Poor Fred she Whaboomed him, I seemed to think he was a stand-up guy, but she couldn’t get over the fact that he was a mischievous little boy, which is sad, Could he be the one that got away?


"The Bachelorette": Rachel Goes "Whaboom"!


Her one on one with Anthony was special, loved that they rode horses down Rodeo Drive and into the stores, especially when one of the horses left their mark LOL. I think Anthony is a keeper.


"The Bachelorette": Rachel Goes "Whaboom"!


Her final group date was HOT! Gotta love men in shorts mud wrestling. We got to see Raven, Corinne, Alexis, and Jasmine put their 2cents in. Raven warned Rachel about Eric saying two guys said he wasn’t right for her. Well, Lee was one of them, sorry but I don’t trust him, he seems to be the villain, and he tweeted some racist remarks maybe not intentional but I think he is that kind of guy. Rachel gave the group date rose to Eric, in spite of what was said to her. I think Eric was open with her and doesn’t seem to be the bad guy, although we did see him arguing with Lee and Iggy, I think Eric needed to defend himself. Really, Iggy and Lee, you waste your 1 on 1 time with Rachel bashing Eric, hmm in past seasons the rat’s didn’t usually get the cheese, they got caught in the trap.
Can’t wait for the Rose Ceremony, I hope Lee and Iggy get Whaboomed. Tell us what YOU think in the comments below!


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