“The Bachelorette”: Kenny and Lee Tensions Ran High…Is Lee a Racist?!

"The Bachelorette": Kenny and Lee Tensions Ran High...Is Lee a Racist?!

He called Kenny aggressive and violent but we haven’t seen that side of him.  Lee was out for lying to Rachel and called him a few choice words. Seems like this is the Lee and Kenny show, so who gets the boot?
Rachel had a good group date, she and Peter connected on a deeper level. Wil showed a different side and Rachel was impressed by that. Rachel ended up giving the group date rose to Wil and Peter left questioning their connection.
Bryan is definitely the front runner, but Rachel wonders if he’s just telling her what she wants to hear. So, is Bryan too good to be true? that question was on Rachel’s’ mind.

"The Bachelorette": Kenny and Lee Tensions Ran High...Is Lee a Racist?!

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The two on one date between Lee and Kenny had us all wondering who will she give the rose to on this date. Lee didn’t disappoint us, he used his time spent with Rachel bad mouthing Kenny and lied to her about Kenny being violent and pulled him out of the van. That never happened! Rachel ended up sending Lee home because she had more trust in Kenny. When they were leaving and getting into the helicopter, Kenny went back to say goodbye to Lee and that didn’t make Rachel happy and is having doubts. We can’t forget the phone call between Kenny and his daughter, it showed a vulnerable side to him. Had me teary eyed too.
Rachel sent Iggy home who also chose the time with Rachel to bad mouth Erik, which by the way is still on the show, who ended up having a great One on One date with her.

So guys choose your time wisely with Rachel because as we have seen in the past, the rat always gets caught and exterminated!

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