“The Bachelorette”: “First to Last” 1st Impression To The Last Man Standing!

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Will Bryan Abasolo be the last man standing? He was surely the 1st man who caught Rachel’s eye, so he got the 1st impression rose, but will he go all the way.


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"The Bachelorette": "First to Last" 1st Impression To The Last Man Standing!


There were only 2 men in previous season’s who received that honor. We saw Jordan Rodgers( JoJo’s season) get the 1st and last rose and also Shawn Booth from Kaitlyn’s season. So will history repeat itself? Yes from Andi’s season Nick did get the 1st rose, but unfortunately came in 2nd in the end.


Rachel, as we know now, is happily engaged but is it Bryan or did he go from 1st to not the one?
According to Bryan’s ex-girlfriend, he’s definitely there for the right reasons, she stated they had dated for about 2 months but she needed more time to get over her ex. She also stated that he is the guy that puts his feelings out there and is a go-getter, which we saw on the first night when he went in for the first kiss. He’s a family man for sure, according to his ex.


There is still a lot of show to see, but I hope Rachel gets rid of Whaboom man, he is the crazy one and we know the producers like to keep them around for ratings. We know it isn’t DeMario, he was caught red-handed lying about not having a girlfriend.


So here’s to hoping Bryan is the last man standing!


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