“The Bachelor”: Why Nick & Vanessa Are Taking It Slow

Nick says him and his new fiancée, Vanessa aren’t rushing to the alter any time soon. Nick told “PEOPLE”, “We haven’t talked about wedding plans. We’re totally okay with it. We don’t feel the pressure.”

During the Monday night finale Nick proposed to Vanessa. Leaving runner-up Raven heartbroken.

"The Bachelor": Why Nick & Vanessa Are Taking It Slow

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“As much as I cared about Raven, I felt like the answer became more and more clear that it was Vanessa. I felt like I was fighting my feelings for Vanessa for a long time because there were other women involved. However, once I was kind of able and free to kind of make my choice, I felt like my heart knew for a while.”

Vanessa confirmed to PEOPLE that her and Nick are on the same page when it comes to their future wedding.

"The Bachelor": Why Nick & Vanessa Are Taking It Slow

“There’s no reason of speeding up the process. We’re still in the process of getting to know each other outside Bachelor world. We’re still in the process of getting to know ourselves too. We’ haven’t planned a date yet.”

Nick had this to add:
“I don’t think you have to pretend what this world isn’t and what it is. We’re okay with saying we still have a lot to learn about each other and that’s okay. We’re excited about doing that! I think we want to focus on doing that than anything else and keep moving our relationship forward.”

Because the couple met and begin their relation in a very unrealistic setting, the couple is now looking forward to maintaining some sense of normalcy.

"The Bachelor": Why Nick & Vanessa Are Taking It Slow

Nick said, “Vanessa and I are very realistic about our relationship. We’re very excited about the engagement but we’re also realistic about our relationship. It began in an environment that was very unconventional. Up until this point, we haven’t had the opportunity to have any type of normalcy. I think those are the things that we’re focused on right now and you know we’re going to take things slow. We’re not going to compare ourselves to other relationships.”

Do you think the couple has what it takes to make it last?

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