The Bachelor “Week 6: St. Thomas” Recap

The Bachelor "Week 6: St. Thomas" Recap

The Bachelor “Week 6: St. Thomas” Recap

Last week we watched as Nick brought Taylor and Corinne on a two-on-one date to the Bayou. Nick decided that he and Taylor weren’t a good match and ultimately sent her home. Taylor had other plans and ambushed Nick and Corinne during their one-on-one time.

Taylor “speaks he truth” to Nick by telling him that Corinne is there for the wrong reason, blah blah blah. (It’s nothing we haven’t heard before.) Nick tells Taylor that he is confident in his decision and repeats her very much for coming forward.

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After that we head directly into the rose ceremony where Nick canceled the cocktail party. Chris Harrison told the women that Nick knew exactly what he needed to do. Nick sends Josephine, Jaimi and Alexis (NOOOOO!!!) home. With only 9 women left Nick announces they are heading to the Island of St. Thomas

Once in St. Thomas Nick chooses Kristina for the one-on-one date. They go on the usual (boring) helicopter ride but it’s the dinner that gets interesting. Kristina opens up about her past in Russia and moving to America. How at age 5 she was eating lipstick just to stay full and at age 12 she had to choose between staying in Russia with her sister and moving to America to better her life. It’s all very heartbreaking. Kristina obviously gets the date rose. (Yay!)

Meanwhile at the hotel the woman are treated to a “housekeeper” Lorna. Corinne is obviously thrilled and even says “I love her. Raquel is going to be jealous.”

Next was the group date. Nick planned a fun beach day with drinks and games, nothing could go wrong, right? WRONG.

While playing volleyball the woman all became emotional wrecks (except Raven, because she is awesome as hell!) Vanessa and Danielle M. are sick of the constant competition to spend time with Nick. Rachel is annoyed that Nick follows Corinne EVERYWHERE. And Jasmine is annoyed because her and Nick haven’t had any one-on one-time yet.

Nick was insistent on turning the date around during evening. Raven (bless her) calms Nick down before he can get into any serious conversations that evening.

First up is Rachel. Rachel is in her head doubting their relationship and Nick tells her that it has to be hard going on a group date after an amazing one-on-one. He assures her that he is into her and excited about their relationship

Next to talk to Nick is Jasmine (oh boy!) Jasmine let’s Nick know that she is extremely frustrated that she doesn’t ever get one-on-one time with him. Jasmine has some serious verbal diarrhea that end with her … chocking him? Ultimately Nick decides he’s not into Jasmine and rather then string her along he tells her he thinks she should go home now.

We the viewers don’t actually get to see this but it’s reviled that Raven got the group date rose!

For whatever bizarre reason Nick decides to have another two-on-one. Danielle L. & Whitney (who?!) are the lucky woman selected…

I’m not going to lie I stopped paying attention during the Whitney portion of the date (because I don’t even believe she has been there the entire time…) but Nick doesn’t feel a connection with her and send her home. However he DIDN’T give Danielle L. the rose, instead they went to dinner.

Nick and Danielle talked and talked and talked which led to Danielle L. telling Nick that she loves him. During the conversation could see the uncertainty written all over Nick’s face. He knew he wouldn’t ever be able to say I love you back to Danielle L. so he sent her home.

That was when Nick started to doubt this process, convincing himself that this might not actually work for him in the end. The episode ended with Nick going to talk to the woman so he could express his doubts.

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