“The Bachelor”: Josh Murray Talks Fatherhood, Moving On and Well Wishes


Josh Murray is no stranger to Bachelor nation. Most recently he’s been in the spotlight when he and Amanda Stanton headed for splitsville. Murray and Stanton started their relationship on season three of Bachelor in Paradise. The two once lovebirds announced their split in January. There have been rumors that the two have been trying to reconcile and repair their relationship but Murray tells PEOPLE “I am definitely not trying to get back together with Amanda. We are done. That ship has sailed a long time ago.”


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"The Bachelor": Josh Murray Talks Fatherhood, Moving On and Well Wishes


Stanton will be taking another shot at love, on the upcoming season of Bachelor In Paradise. Murray wishes her nothing but the best and is hopeful that she will find love. He told PEOPLE, “At the end of the day, I wish her the best and I wish she can move on. I know she’s going to be going on Bachelor in Paradise for the third time, so hopefully she can try again and find something.”


"The Bachelor": Josh Murray Talks Fatherhood, Moving On and Well Wishes


What’s the one thing Murray learned from his relationship with Stanton? That he really wants to be a father. He stated he was a big part of her kids’ lives, and that he loves kids to death. He revealed that he can’t wait to be a father one day when he finds the right person.


What do you think, is fatherhood and love in the cards for Murray? Is the saying third times the charm going to hold true for Stanton?


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