The Bachelor: Is It Time to Stop Calling Corinne a Villain?

The Bachelor: Is It Time to Stop Calling Corinne a Villain?

Corinne was dubbed the villain of the season about half way through the first episode. Is that still the case?

During this week’s episode of ‘Will You Accept This Podcast?’ Kelsea Stahler (Bustle’s Senior Entertainment Editor) and Allison Piwowarski (Romper’s Senior News and Entertainment Editor) decided it’s time to stop calling Corinne a villain. Both Kelsea and Allison agree that there’s nothing wrong with the fact that Corinne isn’t afraid to be confident. They also said that she should be praised for her progressive attitude towards being the breadwinner in her current relationship with Nick.

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Corinne can be a lot to handle most of the time and that she tends to rub people the wrong way, but she’s changed since week one. She’s become more vulnerable and relatable (For example, eating her emotions because yeah, that all of us) as the season progresses and continues to show that she’s here for the right reasons. So, does being confident make someone a villain? It’s 2017, a woman should be able to be confident, especially in these types of circumstances.

Confidence is obviously something that Nick finds attractive, heck it’s something most people find attractive. Corinne works hard for her money – I say this because we have no reason to believe otherwise – and isn’t afraid to make more than her boyfriend. This does not make her a villain.

What do you think; is she still a villain in your eyes? Or has Corinne redeemed herself?

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