“The Bachelor”: Chris Soules Released from PR Job!


It was a dream job. Chris Soules could still do his farm thing and then go out and use his celebrity status to promote Peoples Company, an Iowan real estate company. There was an expense account, travel, and the chance to hobnob with Hollywood’s rich and famous, to convince them that, like Oliver said in the 60’s comedy, Green Acres, ‘Farm living is the life….”.


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"The Bachelor": Chris Soules Released from PR Job!


Now, whether it’s because he couldn’t convince even one of those rich and famous Hollywood types (other than Chris Harrison and Jimmy Kimmel, does he even know a Hollywood-type?) to by a farm in Iowa or whether it was due to his most recent brush with the law (Soules faces a Class D felony conviction for leaving the scene of a fatality–his arraignment is scheduled for May 23), People’s has released Chris from his promotional gig.


"The Bachelor": Chris Soules Released from PR Job!






His official title was ‘Celebrity’ Public Relations Representative. He even got the Fall 2016 cover of The Land Report, ‘the nation’s authority publication on matters relating to land maintenance and ownership’. Steve Breuer was quoted saying, “We are excited Chris used his expertise to share the Peoples Company story on such a big stage.”


"The Bachelor": Chris Soules Released from PR Job!




But how long did the “Dancing With the Stars” competitor think this gig would last when he was using that expense account for partying and not for landing a client. And his “Aw shucks!” attitude might have helped him win the girl on “The Bachelor” but he was anything other than endearing to fellow employees of Peoples. Sources say that he was aloof and haughty, looking down at them as if they weren’t as good.


No record of exactly how or when Soules was let go, but he’s definitely off all the billboards, bus stop benches, and any other advertisement media they use.


Written by Rhonda

"To be honest, I'm just winging it...so far so good!" Rhonda
“To be honest, I’m just winging it…so far so good!” Rhonda


















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