“The Amazing Race” Recap: A Backstab, Detours, A Roadblock, Some Meltdowns & Two Injuries

During this second leg, the teams head right from Panama to Sao Paulo, Brazil. This allowed a lot of teams to get all jumbled up together, making the placements of last episode virtually meaningless.

The most significant turnaround is Ashton and Vanck, the two that were seriously displeased with one another during the first leg. They shoot right to top of the pack and made a deal with the obvious front runners of this season, Matt and Redmond.

Once in Brazil, the teams must take a helicopter ride to the Detour. Ashton and Vanck made a pact with Matt and Redmond that they’ll wait for each and flip a coin at the sheet to determine who gets on the helicopter first. At least Ashton and Vanck agreed. Matt and Redmond had no desire to honor this deal. This allowed Matt and Redmond to get into first place. At least this incident allowed Ashton and Vanck bond over their mutual enemy, aka “The Boys”.

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“The Amazing Race” Recap: A Backstab, Detours, A Roadblock, Some Meltdowns & Two Injuries

As mentioned, the Detour immediately followed the helicopter ride and was a choice between “Keep the Beat” or “Work Your Feet.” In “Keep The Beat” the teams have to learn a drum routine and in “Work Your Feet” the teams must build a street gym underneath a highway. “Work Your Feet” is much more natural fit for The Amazing Race and is more fun to watch. “Keep The Beat” allows the adorable nerds like Becca and Floyd to shine. It might not be “fair” but Floyd and Becca are so fun, it’ll be nice to have them around for a while.

The most interesting thing about the Detour is what happened on the way to it. Scott and Brooke, who have not gotten over their initial differences, get fed up with traffic, so they decide to run to the Detour. This would be the safe and smart option but Brooke is apparently a klutz. For no reason Brooke trips headfirst onto the sidewalk and onto her elbow. Brooke then has a meltdown about this minor injury.

“The Amazing Race” Recap: A Backstab, Detours, A Roadblock, Some Meltdowns & Two Injuries

Since Brooke basically only has one arm *eye roll* (she is really milked the bruise). Scott must do everything for the remainder of the leg. This becomes a problem when the teams arrive at the Road Block. It’s the first heights challenge of the season. One teammate must rappel down a huge office building and clean the windows. This isn’t much of a challenge for most of the teams, but for Scott it’s an issue because he is deathly afraid of heights and it shows as it is his turn to have a meltdown.

Scott’s fear of heights is NOTHING when compared to the tantrum Shamir throws. Shamir has already made a very bad first impression during the premiere when he chose his partner Sara because she was the “hot chick”. During the second episode, Shamir proves that sometimes you can 100% trust first impressions.

“The Amazing Race” Recap: A Backstab, Detours, A Roadblock, Some Meltdowns & Two Injuries


Shamir manages to hold it together until the Road Block. It shouldn’t be a shock to anyone reading this that rappelling requires wearing a harness and that can cause discomfort, especially if you’re a male. Well to Shamir this was all new information and he absolutely loses it while hanging on the building screaming about how much his balls hurt. He even punched one of the windows he is supposed to be cleaning in his anger, cracking it and demands to see be seen by a doctor.

The tantrum allows Jessie and Francesca to catch up. Unfortunately, the ‘Swole Sisters’ have a lot of muscles but not a lot of spatial awareness. They miss the clue that they need to start the Road Block several times and it gives Shamir the time necessary to whine about his “injury” and finish the Road Block.

Shamir and Sara come in second to last place. Although they are not eliminated, Shamir looks like he is going to murder someone because his genitals still hurt. Sara meanwhile begins crying knowing she’s stuck with this ass for the unforeseeable future. It’s annoying that Shamir doesn’t get a time penalty for causing property damage, but I guess that isn’t in The Amazing Race rule book. Sadly, that means Jessie and Francesca arrive last and go home.

“The Amazing Race” Recap: A Backstab, Detours, A Roadblock, Some Meltdowns & Two Injuries

So far, this season “The Amazing Race” is two for two in getting rid of likable racers this season and fans are not thrilled.

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