TELL-ALL! Pregnant ‘Sister Wives’ Robyn Brown Plans to Play Dirty as Divorce Looms!

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Personally, I have no idea how anyone could live this lifestyle and stay sane. It’s beneath me. And now it’s seems as if Robyn Brown has had enough of her abusive husband Kody and is leaving him. She’s pregnant and carrying his 19th child, while the 38-year old may have finally beat Kody at his own game. Insiders say Robyn has saved up a ton of money and has contacted a divorce attorney and plans on selling the Brown’s inside stories to either TLC or another network for her own show. Her friend Kendra Pollard is speaking out and says Robyn believes the show ‘Sister Wives’ has had a “damaging effect on Kody’s relationships with his children and wives and it’s led him to put fame and fortune above his family.”


TELL-ALL! Pregnant 'Sister Wives' Robyn Brown Plans to Play Dirty as Divorce Looms!

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Kody has been extremely worried, year after year, that his storyline will run dry and TLC may eventually end the ‘Sister Wives’ series. His solution is to keep spitting out babies and that’s exactly what has happened this year as Robyn had not planned on getting pregnant with her sixth child. She is vehement that she will not allow any filming of the pregnancy or birth and this has caused a major rift in her marriage to Kody. We shall see what happens, however, I for one am glad to see at least one of these wives break away from this abusive life.


Written by Riley Mathews

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