“Teen Mom”: Legal steps in…Will Javi be Forced to Help Raise Kailyn’s Baby?!

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Javi Marroquin is not worried about being the father of his ex-wife third child. But, due to a law in Delaware, Javi may have to file a valid denial of paternity for Kailyn Lowry’s child. Delaware law states that ex-husband is presumed to be the father of a child if the child is born less than 300 days after the divorce.


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In a statement to Radar, Javi confirmed that he has yet to file for a valid denial of paternity. He previously said that he doesn’t plan to have any relationship with this child, even though he’s included his former stepson, Isaac, 7, in many of the things he’s done with his son, Lincoln, 3. He explained, “No I won’t have a
relationship with the new baby.”


"Teen Mom": Legal steps in...Will Javi be Forced to Help Raise Kailyn's Baby?!


Javi has confirmed that they got divorced at the end of 2016 so that means the child’s birth should occur within 300 days of the end of the marriage. The father is Chris Lopez and he is not with Kail anymore like she said she going to take care of the baby by herself.


All the best to Kail congrats to you on graduating school all the best to new born baby. You are great mom keep up the good work.


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