“Teen Mom” Jenelle Evans Drama with Her Mama!

Jenelle Evans and her mom never have gotten along they always argue with each other. Poor Jace he has to see his grandma argue with his mom. They yell at each other it’s crazy and not good to do in front of your children that’s a “no no” rule. Barbara and Jenelle need to grow up and stop this drama once and for all and focus on Jace.

"Teen Mom" Jenelle Evans Drama with Her Mama!

David is a great guy I’m so happy that Jenelle found true love he good her kids he has two kids of his own. Now he has a baby girl with Jenelle. Her name is Ensley she is so cute.

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"Teen Mom" Jenelle Evans Drama with Her Mama!

Jenelle has come a long way I just wish she and her mom could get along for Jace’s sake and no Jenelle is not wrong to explode.  OK, I mean come on, if your buttons are pushed anyone could lose it no one is perfect.

Written by Sonia

“Siez the Day” ~Sonia

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