“Teen Mom 2” New Cast Member Briana DeJesus Causes a Stir with The Original Cast Members!

Brianna DeJesus is originally from Teen Mom season 3 and is now joining the cast of Teen Mom 2 and the rest of the cast is not happy with the new change. But unfortunately, they really have no choice in the matter, it’s the direction the producers want to go and they can’t quit they have signed a contract.

One cast member that isn’t so happy about Brianna Dejesus joining is Jenelle Evans, in a new interview the mother of three Took a jab at her new costar by saying “I’m not commenting on it at all,” Jenelle told The Dirty. “MTV wanted me to film about it and I even told them no.”

We’re not surprised at all considering Jenelle and Briana got into a nasty Twitter spat back in 2014 when David Eason’s fiancé posted an incriminating story about Bri’s ex. “I’m not even gonna dog you because the whole world knows the truth about you. Just stay in your lane and maybe grow up a little bit,” Bri tweeted and deleted at the time.

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"Teen Mom 2" New Cast Member Briana DeJesus Causes a Stir with The Original Cast Members!

Not only is Jenelle not thrilled about Briana coming on for the upcoming season, but neither are Chelsea Houska, Kailyn Lowry, or Leah Messer, they all fear she will take away from their camera time. The crew is allegedly unhappy as well, as they now have to travel to Florida to film her scenes on top of their rigorous travel schedules.

Briana has announced that she is pregnant with her second baby and already shares a daughter named Nova with Devoin Austin, she’s pulling a Kailyn Lowry and not saying who the baby daddy is for second baby. All the best to the new girl and her family and hope she not snobby cause everyone doesn’t like her and she has a very cute daughter.

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