“Teen Mom 2”: Girls Blast the Show for Bad Edits!

"Teen Mom 2": Girls Blast the Show for Bad Edits!

This is not the first time that a cast member of the Teen Mom franchise blasted MTV producers for their edits and probably will not be the last. In the past, several cast members have complained that the show’s edits have made them look bad or made situations appear different than what really happened. This time, Kailyn Lowry and Chelsea Houska both made comments following Monday’s new episode of Teen Mom 2.

"Teen Mom 2": Girls Blast the Show for Bad Edits!

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During this episode, viewers watched as Kailyn ate dinner with her two sons Issac and Lincoln, as well as ex-boyfriend and Isaac’s father Jo Riverra. 7-year old Issac got emotional and cried, stating that he wishes all of his family lived together in one house. According to Kail, the show’s producers had an impact on the sad, heart wrenching moment and she reportedly tweeted, “They provoked the scene with Isaac crying at dinner. I lost my mind!” One viewer made a comment suggesting that Isaac was influenced or coached during the scene, to which Kail responded, “Yep!” Kailyn also blasted the show’s edits and said that the timeline during the episode was “off”, referencing the change in color of the paint on her wall, which went from mint to yellow and then back to mint. I’m not sure how MTV can explain that one.

"Teen Mom 2": Girls Blast the Show for Bad Edits!

In addition to Kailyn’s tweets, Chelsea Houska also called out MTV for their editing skills. In this episode, viewers watched as Chelsea’s daughter Aubree struggled with jealously over newborn son Watson. In one scene, Chelsea discusses her concern and made a statement about how Aubree’s jealously has taken away from her husband Cole DeBoer’s new experience as a dad. According to Chelsea, when she was filmed saying, “I feel like it’s taking away from Cole’s experience,” this was not in made in reference to Aubree’s jealously over her new baby brother. This comment was allegedly made during an entirely different conversation but the edit made it appear like it came during a conversation about her daughter.

"Teen Mom 2": Girls Blast the Show for Bad Edits!

I have to admit that before this, the edit complaints made me roll my eyes but now I am starting to think it is a bit of a problem. It’s one thing to try to heighten the drama in order to improve ratings but it’s starting to feel like we’re being lied to a bit.

MTV…you might want to double check your edits or perhaps do some rehiring?

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