#TAR: “The Amazing Race” In Trouble?!

‘The Amazing Race’ season 29 has gotten off to a not so good start in the ratings department. The long-running reality show loses more viewers every week. Season 29 premiered on Thursday, March 30 with record low ratings for a premiere episode — a 0.9 in the 18-49 demographic and only 4.30 million viewers overall.

#TAR: “The Amazing Race” In Trouble?!

Episode 2 ratings for ‘The Amazing Race’s’ 29th season show the same 0.9 demo but even fewer viewers, only 3.99 million in total.

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While the demo has not slipped much from season to season, viewership is seriously down compared to ‘The Amazing Race Season 28’. Last season’s first two episodes saw a 1.3 and a 1.1 in the demo, and the viewers were at 6.09 million followed by 5.82 million.


This is the first time in 10 years that ‘The Amazing Race’ did not air a fall season. Fans began to worry when CBS did not schedule a new season to air in Fall 2016, considering the show has been on a two-season-per-year pattern for several years now.

#TAR: “The Amazing Race” In Trouble?!

The bad ratings could be because of the long hiatus, in addition to the new Thursday timeslot, which is 2 hours later.


‘The Amazing Race’ switched things up in Season 29, pairing complete strangers together as opposed to the usual pairs of teams with pre-existing relationships. The show has dabbled in different formatting before, including a family edition (teams of four) for Season 8 and the blind date twist in Season 26, but this strangers twist is the biggest twist ‘The Amazing Race’ has seen.


CBS has yet to decide on whether to renew ‘The Amazing Race’ beyond this 2017 season. With the 2016-17 TV season wrapping up next month, fans will likely hear something very soon.

#TAR: “The Amazing Race” In Trouble?!

Should the fans worry about the future of the show after seeing these 2017 ratings? Only time will tell.


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