Ta’kari Lee, BBW’s Jackie Christie’s Daughter is Pregnant!

Ta'kari Lee, BBW's Jackie Christie's Daughter is Pregnant!

Well, well, well and it’s really too bad the season is over because I can’t wait to see how Jackie Christie, of Basketball Wives-LA reacts to the news that daughter, Ta’kari Lee is pregnant with her fourth child! She already has three boys, and no father in sight. Even sympathizers wonder why and how she is pregnant again when she says she’s having to sleep on friends’ couches. Could one of those “friends” be the baby daddy? For now, she’s keeping his identity as well as sex of her newest bundle of joy. But in her Instagram video, she does mention she’s five months pregnant.

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If you been keeping up with the VH1 hit reality show, Jackie Christie and co-star Evelyn Lozano have been going at it all season over Evelyn’s giving Ta’kari money when she asked for financial assistance on a GoFundMe page for her son, Jaxson. Seems Mrs. Christie didn’t help out Lee with her son’s medical bills when the child was severely burned in a daycare accident. Jackie claims she didn’t help because Ta’kari didn’t ask her!

Ta'kari Lee, BBW's Jackie Christie's Daughter is Pregnant!

Ta’kari claims her mother has always treated her different than her younger siblings, being ultra critical and just plain ignoring her. It is kind of clear that she may not have given money to help Lee with Jaxson, but Jackie was all about helping her other daughter, Chantal Christie, when she gave birth earlier this year Saniyah, her daughter with professional basketball player, Stacy Davis. He’s a 6′-6″ forward who plays overseas for the Cherkasy Monkeys. Ta’kari says Christie has banned her from visiting her new niece.

Hopefully, these two can come to some kind of amicable understanding. But it may be a while before that truce is reached since Ta’kari has just had her tell-all book about how her mother and how she’s been treated.
Jackie and husband Doug Christie also have a son, 16-year old Doug Jr.

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"To be honest, I'm just winging it...so far so good!" Rhonda
“To be honest, I’m just winging it…so far so good!” Rhonda













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