T.I. Speaks Out on Rob Kardashian’s Actions Against Blac Chyna!

T.I. Speaks Out on Rob Kardashian’s Actions Against Blac Chyna!

Rob Kardashian accused his ex Blac Chyna, among other things of having a ménage à trois with T.I. and his wife Tiny Harris. Rob also exposed some naked pictures of Blac Chyna on social media and because of certain circumstances regarding their now defunct relationship, she was granted a restraining order against him today.

After Rob Kardashian took to social media with those pictures, T.I. Harris also took to social media to teach him a thing or two about relationships and what not to do. T.I. criticized Rob for putting his “business” out on Instagram and says that he was a “duck” and “got worked” then added “Don’t tell women’s business. That’s bad,” and “It’s a very very bad, it’s poor character. It’s flawed. If a woman entrusts you man, and confide in you man, you don’t ever let that—you don’t do that. You don’t do that. You know what I’m saying? Our secrets are sacred. We don’t do that. That’s a whole next level of f–kboi s–t.” T.I. continued that “I don’t know how you gonna get p—y after that,” and “Your hand ain’t even gonna deal with you after that. Your hand will go ‘Nope…I saw what you did.'”

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T.I. Speaks Out on Rob Kardashian’s Actions Against Blac Chyna!

Blac Chyna has retained attorney Lisa Bloom and she stated that “Mr. Kardashian, you are now on notice: revenge porn is illegal. Cyberbullying your ex is harassment,” Ms. Bloom said on Twitter “Chyna ended your relationship months ago and she has the right to live as she chooses, work as she chooses, dress as she chooses, date who she chooses, and be intimate with who she chooses.

Ms. Bloom also stated that “Chyna and I both believe that this is an important women’s rights issue, as too many women and girls have been slut-shamed by exes. It stops now,” she added “Your attempts to shame and control her are hereby rejected. Her body, her choice. Her life, her choice. Back off.”

Rob Kardashian has not commented yet. More to come….

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