“SURVIVOR” Rumors: Which BB Alumni May Be Headed For SURVIVOR?

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Can you believe, in just two weeks we will know who will be the winner of Survivor: Game Changers. But, before we find out who wins, let’s have a little fun speculating what might happen on Survivor 35.


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First off, let’s talk about what we already know about season 35. From a photo that was taken by one of the members of the production team during a challenge, it looks like that there will be three tribes. That means there will be three tribes of 6. A red tribe, a blue tribe, and a yellow tribe. Also, we know that season 35 will be located in Fiji, where they filmed Survivor: ‘Millennials vs. Gen X’ and ‘Survivor: Game Changers’.


As for the speculation, here is what is floating around. Multiple sites are stating that that season 35 will be another Worlds Apart season. The last time Survivor has done this format was in season 30. Word is that this version will spotlight three specific careers. Finally, we don’t exactly know who will be on this season, but two names that are familiar with CBS reality television shows. Those two names are Natalie and Da’Vonne.


"SURVIVOR" Rumors: Which BB Alumni May Be Headed For SURVIVOR?


As you know, Natalie was on Big Brother 18, and Da’Vonne was on Big Brother 17 and 18. A few weeks ago, Get Real LOL reported that Natalie could be on a future season of Survivor, but did not reveal which season that was.


"SURVIVOR" Rumors: Which BB Alumni May Be Headed For SURVIVOR?


Now, weeks later Da’Vonne is rumored to be the next person to trade in a house for a tropical island. The Reason for this speculation has been revealed multiple times. First, When Da’Vonne was on BB18, she revealed during live feeds that she was in the finals of the Survivor auditions, but had to be cut due to being on Big Brother 18. Second, Da’Vonne is an active user on Twitter. But, when William from Big Brother Canada 5 won the Power of Veto in Week 3, she suddenly stopped tweeting.


Stay tuned for More Survivor updates and other Survivor related content. Make sure you tune into “Survivor: Game Changers” every Wednesday at 8/7c only on CBS and make sure you watch the 2-hour finale and reunion Show on May 24 at 8/7c only on CBS.


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